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About Us

MyWine Global is an expert in importing and selling authentic and Croatian, Moldavian and Israeli wines, sourced from carefully selected vineyards. Our range includes unique wines from picturesque Dalmatia, charming Baranja and diverse regions of Israel, including the stunning Golan Heights,the winery located in the southern part of Moldova, in the Bugeac steppe, along the Lunguta river and among the picturesque hills, in the village of Tomai an autonomous region of Gagauzia. The love of wine is our passion, which is why we have made the effort to cross borders to share it with wine enthusiasts around the world.


Our business is driven by a genuine passion for exceptional wines and a profound respect for the highest quality.


Both Pelješac in Croatia and the Golan Heights in Israel are unparalleled enclaves for grape growing. Their steep slopes and excellent sunshine significantly contribute to the unique quality of the grape fruit.

Czarne beczki wina.

Our Journey

Our story is one of passion, discovery and a journey through the world of exceptional wines. "MyWine Global" was born out of a love for wine, which turned into an exciting adventure beyond our country's borders.

Our company is an expert in importing and selling authentic Israeli and Croatian wines from selected vineyards. We began our journey by discovering extraordinary wines from picturesque Dalmatia, charming Baranja, as well as from the diverse regions of Israel, including the breathtaking Golan Heights.


It was our passion for wine that pointed us in the right direction. Our passion was so deep that we decided to go beyond borders and share it with connoisseurs around the world. It is the pursuit of excellence and the constant search for unique wine experiences that lead us on this exciting journey.

Our story is based on a love of exceptional wine and a respect for quality. Whether we choose wines from the charming Pelješac in Croatia or from the majestic Golan Heights in Israel, we know that the steep slopes and perfect sunshine result in the unique quality of the grapes that are at the heart of our wines.

Our journey is a story of passion, of discovering flavours, of creating bonds with wine connoisseurs around the world and, ultimately, of sharing what inspires us. We invite you to accompany us on this unforgettable journey through the land of exceptional wines, where every bottle has a unique story and every sip opens a new chapter to the fascinating world of wine.

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